When you have a connecting flight internationally do you have to go through customs?

For international layover flights, you will normally have to go through customs and immigration at the connecting airport. For flights with a layover in Canada or the USA, you will need to go through immigration and fill out the necessary customs paperwork even if you are not staying in the country.

How long does it take to go through customs at Amsterdam airport?

You then need to walk from the gate to passport control and the luggage/customs area – this process can take anything up to 60 minutes, depending on gate location, immigration queues and number of border posts open. Obviously if you have checked luggage to pick-up this will slow you down a few more minutes.

Do I have to go through customs for a connecting international flight Amsterdam?

How long is the wait at the customs in Amsterdam?

The customs isn't anything more than a Door through which you walk out. When you go back inside, you will do security and also passport control again. Usually these activities are 30-45 minutes long, each way, could be faster.

What terminal does KLM use at Schiphol?

Terminal 1 at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is used by KLM Royal Dutch Airlines to manage their flight operations. Where is the KLM Airlines arrival terminal AMS? Terminal 1 at AMS Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is used by KLM Airlines flight arrivals.

What do I need to declare at Amsterdam customs?

You can take many things with you when you travel to or from the Netherlands, with a few exceptions. Custom rules exist for items like drinks, tobacco, medicines, meat, fish, (products made of) protected animal and plant species, as well as large sums of cash.

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