Do bars serve alcohol in Marrakech?

Beer: Most international brands are available together with the domestic brands; Flag, Stork and Casablanca. Alcohol is served in many restaurants and bars, although the consumption of alcohol outside is strictly forbidden, including on outdoor terraces in the street.

Do most restaurants in Marrakech serve alcohol?

As it is a Muslim country, alcohol in Morocco is not available everywhere and many restaurants serve only soft drinks with your meal. However, there are many places where you can get wine, beer and spirits, you just need to know where to go.

Can you go out drinking in Marrakech?

Morocco allows the consumption of alcohol. Alcohol must be purchased and consumed in licensed hotels, bars, and tourist areas. You can also buy alcohol in most major supermarkets. The alcohol section is usually in a separate room from the main supermarket.

Can you drink alcohol in the bars in Marrakech?

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