How much does it cost to transport a dog to Spain?

Before travelling, dog owners will have to pick whether they want to fly, sail, or drive to Spain. The cost of transporting your animal will differ depending on the airline you choose but expect to pay between €40 and €120 per pet.

How do I move my dog from US to Spain?

What Pet Travel Documents Are Needed to Travel to Spain?

  1. Rabies Vaccinations. Dogs and cats must be vaccinated against rabies, at age 3 months or older. …
  2. Other Vaccines. Other than rabies, Spain does not require specific immunizations to import pets. …
  3. Blood Tests. …
  4. Health Certificates. …
  5. Import Permit.


How can I transport my dog to Spain?

What airlines fly dogs to Spain?

It's certainly important to choose a pet friendly airline when planning international pet travel — specifically, airlines that have established pet policies in place. For our clients' flights, we often use British Airways, KLM, Lufthansa and United.

How much does it cost to ship a dog internationally?

between $1000 to $6000The international pet shipping costs for these companies run anywhere between $1000 to $6000. One thing to take note about international pet transport is that there will be more documentation that you need to present in order to clear customs.

Is Spain dog friendly?

You can get a serious fine if it is discovered that your domestic pet is not registered properly. Spain is still a moderately dog friendly country. It is evident from the number of abandoned dogs and cats every year – more than 130,000, which is the highest number in Europe.

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