Why are the Canary Islands not as hot as Africa?

Although the situation of the Islands is close to Africa, you will have noticed that there are no situations of extreme heat, as if it is caused in countries and territories with the same latitude as ours. One of the factors that softens the temperature in the Canary Islands are the trade winds.

Is it always hot in Canary Islands?

Canary Islands has a sub tropical climate with hot summers and very mild winters usually with year round sunshine.

Why is the air quality poor in Gran Canaria?

The city of L/P de Gran Canaria, with a population of approximately 374,000 inhabitants, is for the most part located on an isthmus. This allows free circulation of the northeast trade winds, thus providing regular dispersive conditions. Road traffic is the main anthropogenic source of pollution.

Why is Gran Canaria always warm?

Can you see Africa from Canary?

There are reports of Africa being visible from Fuerteventura. The African coast lies 124 km from the highest point on Fuerteventura, Pico de La Zarza, and 97 km from the closest point on Fuerteventura, Punta La Entallada.

Is it always cloudy in Gran Canaria?

The southern part is the warmest and sunniest on the island while the areas of La Laguna, Anaga, and the north are usually more humid and cloudy.

Which Canary Island is the warmest place?

Lanzarote. Lanzarote tends to be the hottest and most arid of the Canaries, as it is closest to the Sahara desert and because it is one of the lowest lying islands. The Sahara can bring high temperatures and fine sand to Lanzarote, causing occasional heatwaves.

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