What do you wear to a Greek nightclub?

Most of them opt for matching linen sets and loafers or sandals. Linen shirts and trousers are a must-have for a vacation on one of the most gorgeous Greek islands.

What do you wear on a night out in Mykonos?

During the day, beachwear, shorts, T-shirts, and summer dresses are common. Evening attire can be a bit more elegant, with men wearing trousers and shirts and women donning summer dresses or similar. Comfortable shoes are a must due to the hilly and often cobblestone streets.

What do people wear to clubs in Mykonos?

How dressy is Mykonos?

While the atmosphere is generally relaxed, many people dress up a bit at night, especially if they're going to a nice restaurant or club. Women often wear stylish dresses or blouses and skirts, while men might wear linen shirts and trousers.

Do you need a jacket at night in Mykonos?

Whether you need a jacket in Mykonos depends on the time of year you're visiting. During the summer months, it's unlikely you'll need one due to the warm weather. However, evenings can occasionally be cool, especially if there's a breeze, so a light jacket might come in handy.

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