Can you drive a full loop on the Road to Hana?

The Road to Hana is technically a loop, however it's not recommended to check out “Maui's backside.” First, it won't save you that much time. Secondly, most car rental companies specifically discourage this.

Is it safe to drive the whole Road to Hana?

Driving along the Road to Hana requires careful attention. The roads can be crowded with drivers who don't always know where they're going, and unexpected traffic backups around curves can lead to sudden stops and accidents.

Is the Road to Hana only one way?

Most people drive the Road to Hana starting in Kahului and finishing up in the town of Hana. However, the Road to Hana can also be driven in reverse, going from Hana backwards to Kahulu.

Can you drive the entire loop of Road to Hana?

How long does loop Road to Hana take?

between 10-12 hoursWith Shaka Guide, you'll have the freedom to visit the stops you want, spend as much time as you'd like, and skip the ones you don't. Our Loop Road to Hana tour takes you to the rarely discovered back road of Hana. With 142 narration points and over 30 stops, this tour takes between 10-12 hours to complete.

Where do I start and finish the Road to Hana?

The 64.4 mile Road to Hana starts officially in the town of Kahului. From there, it winds along the northeastern edge of Maui, where it concludes in the village of Hana. Cutting through high-speed urban areas and rural mountain passes, the Road to Hana offers stunning views.

Is it better to drive or tour the Road to Hana?

Both have advantages: When driving, you travel at your own pace and can stay overnight. On the other hand, van tours have expert guides driving for you, so you can focus solely on enjoying the ride. For more information and checklists, choose one of the two options.

What type of car is best for road to Hana?

We sometimes see massive SUV's driving the road to Hana, which is weird to us. Unless you have a really big family, choose a mid-sized car. If you've got a big family, opt for a tour. In our opinion, a fun way to drive the Road to Hana is in a sporty 356 Porsche Speedster convertible from Maui Roadsters.

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