Do I have to go through passport control for a connecting flight?

If a connection to another U.S. city is involved, the traveler will not be required to go through another clearance when they arrive at that final U.S. destination.

Do I need to go through passport control?

You'll need to come through UK border control. As long as you're prepared, immigration should be easy and straightforward! Just make sure you've got your passport and supporting documents (e.g. visas and landing cards) and you'll be all set. Speed up your journey with fastTRACK Passport Control.

Do you have to go through passport control when connecting?

Why is there no passport control when leaving the US?

Because airlines are required by law to share their manifests (including passenger's passport information) with US immigration. An exit control would be redundant.

What does it mean to go through passport control?

passport control | Business Englishthe place at an airport, port, or border of a country where an official checks your passport: It can take a while to go through passport control at the airport. (Definition of passport control from the Cambridge Business English Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)

How do connecting international flights work?

What is a Connecting Flight? Connecting flights are flights which require passengers to leave the plane and board a different aircraft in order to reach their final destination. For example, imagine you are flying with Lufthansa from London Heathrow to Shenzhen in China.

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