What is the best train to get around Italy?

If you plan to take a high speed train in Italy, it may well belong to Trenitalia. Red Arrow (Frecciarossa) trains are the fastest and all passengers benefit from amenities like charging sockets, free WiFi, air conditioning and a food carriage.

Can you explore Italy by train?

Traveling Italy by train means you can get everywhere, from the ancient relics of Pompeii to the spectacular Tuscan coastline. Discover the many treasures of Rome and Florence, go shopping in Milan and explore the canals of Venice by gondola.

Is it easy to get around Italy by train?

With the modernization of trains, Italy boasts one of the best travel systems in Europe. Italy's two largest cities, Rome and Milan, are now connected by just a few hours on a superfast train that reaches up to 200 MPH!

What is the best train to get around in Italy?

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