Why is ATC so hard to hear?

Why are ATC-Pilot communications so hard to hear, while we can clearly talk with people from around the world via apps and mobile phones? ATC uses amplitude modulation on UHF frequencies. This is why the available frequency range for the sound of voice is rather limited.

Is it possible to listen to LiveATC?

Listen to Live ATC (Air Traffic Control) Communications. LiveATC.net.

Is it illegal to listen to ATC radio?

As Air Traffic Control communications enjoy special protection in both national and international law as being a "safety service", authorities usually charge you with a serious crime if caught. Some countries classify interfering with ATC communications as "aviation sabotage" which carries heavy penalties.

What to do if you don’t understand ATC?

If you don't understand an ATC instruction, ask the controller to “say again,” slowly, if necessary, in language you understand. Tell ATC as much about the situation as possible, keeping in mind that not all controllers are pilots. Don't worry about “official phraseology.”

Can ATC have ADHD?

Moreover, the position of the air traffic controller requires some of the strictest physical and mental health requirements for any profession in the world; conditions such as diabetes, epilepsy, heart disease, and many psychiatric disorders (e.g., clinical depression, ADHD, bipolar disorder, personality disorders, a …

How can I improve my ATC listening?

Actively listen and ReadbackPractice active listening skills. Force yourself to listen to what is being said and then do a readback so that if you are incorrect, the controller will catch the error and correct you.

Is it illegal to listen to military ATC?

In the US the answer is generally yes, you can listen to such transmissions, but local and federal laws may have some restrictions on what you can do with information gained from listening activities, and in some very specific circumstances you aren't allowed to listen at all.

Is LiveATC real?

Currently, LiveATC has coverage of radio communications at close to 1,450 distinct airports, and typically there's a few thousand people listening in at any given time. To cover that many airports, LiveATC relies on a network of volunteers to set up receivers throughout the country.

Can you cuss on ATC?

The air traffic manager is responsible for taking action to detect, prevent, and report: Obscene, indecent, or profane language used on any means of communications (e.g., voice frequencies, Satellite Communication(s) (SATCOM), Controller Pilot Data Link Communications (CPDLC)).

If you don't request or can't get flight following, no law prohibits you from listening to the ATC frequency and the controller's conversations with other aircraft.

Why can’t i hear anything on Live ATC?

Can you be ATC with ADHD?

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity DisorderAn individual with ongoing ADHD will not (by definition) be able to complete pilot training. Medication used for this disorder is normally disqualifying.

Can you be autistic and be a pilot?

ASD is not specifically disqualifying, and is discussed in a Federal Air Surgeon's Medical Bulletin here. While it isn't specifically disqualifying, you can expect it to take a large amount of time and money to convince the FAA that you are fit to fly.

Does the FAA allow Adderall?

Some of the commonly-prescribed medications that individuals take for ADHD are Adderall, Concerta, Ritalin, Strattera, Vyvanse, and Dexedrine. All these medications are disqualifying for medical certification purposes!

Can pilots ignore ATC?

In case of emergencies, yes. The pilot in command has the final authority and responsibility for safety of the flight and can disobey ATC commands in case of emergencies. The reasons for that and the results will decide the consequences.

How do I listen to ATC audio?

Most scanners pick up the entirety of the aircraft band. You can also listen to air traffic control facilities from around the world at websites including liveatc.net, globalair.com, airnav.com and radioreference.com.

How many people fail ATC training?

Approximately one-quarter of air traffic controller trainees fail field training at their first facility assignment. In some cases, those who fail the training qualifications at their first air traffic control facility assignment are allowed to transfer to a less complex facility.

How can I hear local ATC?

Most scanners pick up the entirety of the aircraft band. You can also listen to air traffic control facilities from around the world at websites including liveatc.net, globalair.com, airnav.com and radioreference.com. 2 Memorize some of the basic frequencies. 121.5 is the emergency frequency.

Can ATC see your drone?

Unfortunately, air traffic control radars and surface movement radars are not able to detect objects of the size of a drone.

What disqualifies you from ATC?

(1) A psychosis; (2) A neurosis; (3) Any personality disorder or mental disorder that the Federal Air Surgeon determines clearly indicates a potential hazard to safety in the Air Traffic Control System.

Which airline owner has ADHD?

I spoke with David Neeleman about founding several airlines, getting an ADHD diagnosis, and why he values happiness over money.

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