What is the survival rate of a water landing?

Although survival rates vary by time of year and water-body type, the overall general aviation ditching survival rate is 90 percent, and if you ignore blue water ferry operation statistics, fatalities are actually quite rare.

Are water landings actually possible?

Ditching is a controlled emergency landing on water. It can be caused by almost anything, but usually it's because of engine failure or running out of fuel. Pilots only decide to ditch an aircraft when there is no better alternative. Despite the difficulty, pilots don't undergo extensive training on ditching.

Is it hard to land a water plane?

Glassy water landings are something of an art form. The water has to be just right, and the plane has to land on the perfect spot. Even when all conditions are perfect, it can take a lot of practice to nail that perfect landing.

What are the chances of surviving an emergency landing?

If you recognize a developing engine problem and can make a precautionary landing, you and your passengers will likely survive. The fatality rate for forced landings is roughly 10 percent, more than 1,600 times greater than precautionary landings.

How successful are water landings?

Why don’t people survive water landings?

A simple answer is because you're less likely to drown on land. Open sea normally has waves of at least a meter, so any landing will be a controlled crash with structural damage. Part of the fuselage may be full of water very quickly, and there will be limited time to evacuate everyone, including the injured.

Are water planes safe?

If an incident occurs, seaplanes have to be light enough to land on water. There is no doubt that seaplanes have an added risk, but with each risk there is a mass of training, skills, and experience seaplane pilots must gain to minimize said risk.

Is it better to land on water or land?

If you come down in the water you will be injured and unable to keep yourself afloat, and it will be much harder to rescue you. On land help will be much closer and, and as @RonBeyer says in comments, you can't drown on land.

Do people survive water landings in planes?

Very good, IF you are prepared. A ditching is an intentional water touchdown under control, not an uncontrolled crash. Of the 179 ditchings reviewed, only 22, or 12 percent, resulted in fatalities. The overall general aviation ditching survival rate is 88 percent.

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