What is the lowest rating allowed driver on Uber?

If your Uber driver rating falls below a certain level, Uber can deactivate your account. Some reports say that accounts with a rating below 4.6 can be deactivated, so it's best to keep it as high as you can.

How do I give Uber my driver rating?

Open your appAfter your trip, tap to open the app and rate your driver as you normally would.

Can you give an Uber driver zero stars?

Is 4.50 a bad Uber rating?

A 4.5 rating for a driver is very low. Low enough that they risk being deactivated if it doesn't at least fluctuate above 4.6. Low enough that a driver with a 4.5 rating cannot qualify to accept SELECT requests.

Can Uber eats remove a bad rating?

Uber Eats reviews cannot be deleted by businesses or by Support, but you do have the power to respond to any negative reviews. To do this, log in to your Uber Eats Manager and tap Reviews under the Feedback tab.

What happens if you have a low Uber rating?

What happens if you get a bad Uber or Lyft rating? It brings your overall average score down, and while you won't necessarily be banned by the service if it plummets – being kicked off Uber or Lyft is determined on a case-by-case basis – a low rating could mean fewer drivers will want to pick you up.

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