Which train journey is longest?

The Trans-Siberian is the longest passenger train in the world and travels across China, Mongolia, and the famous, beautiful Siberia. Have you ever considered cruising over 10,214 km for seven days and 20 hours, crossing two continents and a whopping eight time zones?

How long would it take to travel all of the UK?

How long to drive the length of the UK? According to RAC Route Planner the fastest route from Land's End to John O'Groats is 837 miles long and would take 14 hours and 38 minutes to travel without breaks.

What is the furthest train journey in the UK?

How big is the UK compared to the US?

The total area of the UK is just over 93,600 square miles, about 40 times smaller than the US, and there are 11 states which could fit the UK inside them.

How far can you go by train from the UK?

From London, for example, it's possible to reach Madrid, Rome, Vienna and Berlin within 24 hours – and beyond. And from Paris rail passengers can journey to those same cities within 24 hours and to the far north of Scotland, southern Italy and Ireland.

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