What currency do Egypt prefer?

the Egyptian PoundThe best currency to take to Egypt is the Egyptian Pound. US dollars are accepted in some larger hotels or tourist spots, but this cannot be relied upon.

Is USD widely accepted in Egypt?

It is useful to have local currency for tipping or for shopping in smaller souks or local restaurants, and it is easy to change money at any hotel bank. US dollars are widely accepted in major tourist establishments, hotels, and souvenir shops.

How much cash should I carry in Egypt?

approximately 320 USDThe Egyptian Tourism Authority advises that travelers are not allowed to bring more than 5,000 EGP (approximately 320 USD) into the country in local currency. You can bring up to 10,000 USD or the equivalent in foreign currency and then swap it for Egyptian pounds at a currency exchange.

Is it best to take dollars or sterling to Egypt?

The best currency to take to Egypt is the local currency, the Egyptian pound. US dollars are also highly exchangeable at local banks and currency exchange offices.

Is 10 dollars a good tip in Egypt?

The amount you tip in Egypt will depend on where you are and what type of services you're buying. As a general rule, expect to tip around 10% of the bill. If you get exceptionally good service, say thank you with a tip closer to 15-20%.

What’s the best currency to take to Egypt?

How much do you tip in Egypt per day?

Tipping 10–15% of your bill total is customary at cafes and restaurants, and loose change is acceptable for food purchases from street vendors and markets. Often known as 'backsheesh' in parts of Asia and the Middle East, tipping is standard practice in Egypt.

Is Egypt tap water safe to drink?

In Egypt, drinking water from the tap is not recommended. Water treatment plants in and around Cairo heavily chlorinate the supply, so the water in the capital is relatively safe to drink. However, it is advisable everywhere else in Egypt to purchase bottled water or drink treated or purified water.

How do you say thank you in Egyptian?

This is frustrated. Answering yeah i know that most of you they are going to shop. Now. But it it's not like that in egyptian we don't say shukra.

Is a 20 dollar tip a lot?

Industry insider: common consensus says 15-20% is considered a normal tip, but honestly any amount less than 20% is considered a bad tip.

Can you not wear shorts in Egypt?

Can I wear shorts in Egypt? You can, but you might not want to. If you're in a beach resort town like Sharm el-Sheikh or Hurghada on the Red Sea, it's acceptable to wear shorts. It's rare to see people wearing shorts outside resort towns.

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