What do airline pilots do to pass time?

Before the flight the pilots are given a written flight. Plan anything that deviates from this must be written down as notes. Outside these important activities long-haul flying can be very boring for

What do pilots do for entertainment?

During non-critical phases of flight, pilots will often read newspapers, books, iPads etc. Many will do crossword puzzles or Sudoku. A few will even listen to music or watch a video, but it is pretty rare.

What do pilots do to pass time?

Do pilots have free time?

The amount of free time depends on their actual schedule at a precise moment in time, their experience and seniority. According to labor statistics, newer commercial pilots usually get at least 12 days off each month, while the average airline pilot gets around 15 days off.

Do pilots ever get a day off?

This depends on the airline, whether a pilot is a long haul or short haul. However, airline pilots will work fewer days than a 'normal job', with most pilots having at least ten days off a month. This may be a slightly surprising amount of time off, especially as the job as a pilot is seen as many by well-paid.

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