Should I take euros to Ibiza?

The Euro is the only form of Ibiza money that's accepted as legal tender.

Is 100 euros a day enough in Ibiza?

Currently, the minimum amount is 100 euros per person per day, with a minimum of 900 euros or its legal equivalent in foreign currency (with effect from January 1, 2022).

How many euros should I take to Ibiza?

Do you need € 100 a day to visit Spain?

Under post-Brexit rules, Spanish border officials can ask travellers to show that they have 'economic resources' to cover the cost of their trip. This amounts to €100 for each day of their trip. They must also possess a minimum of €900 for their whole stay.

How much cash in euros can I take to Spain?

€10,000Declaring cash when you arriveIf you're travelling to Spain carrying more than the equivalent of €10,000, you'll have to complete a declaration, and hand it in upon arrival. You can do this at the port or airport you first get to, or find all the forms needed to declare the movement of cash in and out of Spain here.

How much is a bottle of water in Ibiza?

Water in Ibiza Priced at €10 per Bottle, Chef Claims: "Quality Comes at a Cost." | Latest news | Reporter Gourmet S.r.l.

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