Is it safe to go to Big Island Hawaii with volcano eruption?

Fortunately, the prevailing winds in the Aloha State are trade winds. So you won't experience vog when you're on any of the other islands, unless there are Kona winds. So overall, it's always generally safe to travel to Hawaii, even with the volcanic eruptions.

Will Mauna Loa affect Hilo?

About half of the eruptions remain confined to summit area and did not pose a threat to surrounding communities. However, nearly half of Mauna Loa eruptions have migrated from the summit down either the Southwest Rift Zone toward Hawaiian Ocean View Estates or the Northeast Rift Zone towards Hilo.

What does lava zone 4 mean?

Maui Zone 4 – Functionally has no danger from eruption havening not been inundated with lava for at least 100,000 years.

Is Pahoa safe from the volcano?

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