Is Uber easy in Hawaii?

Uber and Lyft on the Big IslandRideshares are easy to get from the airports and in the two major cities on the Big Island — Kona and Hilo. These can take you just about anywhere on the island within reason. Uber and Lyfts from more remote areas might not be possible, however.

Is Uber available at the Honolulu airport?

Do drivers using Uber pick up at HNL? Yes. Go to this list of airports around the world where you can request a ride with Uber.

Is Uber easy to use in Hawaii?

Do you have to tip Uber drivers in Hawaii?

Luggage handlers: The standard is a dollar or two for each bag with which you need assistance. Taxis, private shuttles, limousines, and ride-sharing companies (i.e., Uber, Lyft, etc.): 15% of your total ride costs.

How much is Uber from Honolulu International airport to Waikiki?

UBER / LYFT – You may request an Uber or Lyft from the Honolulu Airport. Estimated price is $30-40, depending on traffic. Shuttle Bus – There are many shuttle services to and from Waikīkī. These may be good options for 1 to 2 people and if you have time to spare.

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