What clothes to take to Spain in August?

Summer in Spain (June – August) is scorching, with maximum temperatures hitting as high as 40 degrees across the country. You're therefore going to want to pack lots of lightweight, cotton outfits that'll keep you cool in the heat.

What is the best attire for Barcelona?

Try to stick to natural fabrics such as cotton and linen for this hotter climate. A classic pair of denim cut-offs is an easy choice for your Barcelona packing list. This is another item that you can modify to suit a casual day look for sightseeing and re-wear in the evening with a different top or pair of shoes.

What clothes to wear in Barcelona in August?

Do you need a jacket in Barcelona in August?

While Barcelona is definitely hot in summer, evenings can cool off a bit, so it might be nice to have a light cardigan, jacket, or lightweight scarf that you can wrap around your shoulders and arms. Whatever layer you choose, pick something that will already suit your Barcelona summer packing list!

Should I bring jeans to Spain?

For pants, choose slim fitting cotton trousers or nice jeans. Go for tailored trousers (like a cotton pant or somewhat dressy jeans). Most Spanish men will not wear shorts unless they're at the beach, but a fashionable pair of shorts with the right shoes and the right shirt is totally acceptable.

What to wear in Barcelona August 2023?

Dress for the heatEven on the coast, Barcelona's summers get hot, especially in July and August. Temperatures in the 80s Fahrenheit (high 20s and 30s Celsius) are the norm. Especially if you're going to be spending time walking around outdoors, you should be sure you're bringing clothes that can breathe.

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