Which pyramid should I enter?

We recommend you use the entrance near the Great Pyramid of Khufu because it is a relatively easier, downhill walk to the Panoramic Point, and you will also get easier access to the inside of the Khufu Pyramid.

Which is the best pyramid to go inside?

Local tip #3: if you want to go inside a pyramid but are hesitant about the passageways, stick to the Pyramid of Khafre (the 2nd biggest one). The climb is easier than Khufu's. Local tip #4: you're not allowed to bring cameras inside, but you can take pictures with your phone with no flash.

Which pyramid should I go inside?

Can you enter all 3 pyramids?

The interiors of all three pyramids of Giza are open to visitors, but each requires the purchase of a separate ticket.

Is it worth it to go inside Pyramids of Giza?

It can be a hot, crowded walk up through the Grand Gallery of the Great Pyramid, so if you dislike crowds or have claustrophobia, skip going inside this pyramid. We did it and we thought it was worth it. However, it is crowded, and there's not much to look at inside of the pyramid.

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