How many passengers does MSC Meraviglia hold?

MSC Meraviglia

Speed 22.7 knots (42.0 km/h; 26.1 mph) (maximum) 21.8 knots (40.4 km/h; 25.1 mph) (service)
Capacity 4,428 passengers at double occupancy 5,642 passengers maximum
Crew 1,536 crew


What is the average age on the MSC Meraviglia?

The average age is around the early 40s for adults, though with the strong emphasis on family expect literally hundreds of kids during school vacations, all of which are extremely well catered for. The only thing that some might find jarring is the fact that there are no adult-only areas on the ship.

How many people fit on MSC Meraviglia?

How old is the MSC ship Meraviglia?

MSC Cruises MSC Meraviglia

MSC Meraviglia
Year Built 2017
Year Last Refurbished
Capacity 5,714 passengers
Tonnage 171,598


Do kids really sail free on MSC?

Children under the age of 12 years travelling with their parents in the same cabin cruise free of charge: only taxes and port dues, flights and transfers (where applicable) applies. This offer is subject to availability that changes according to the season, and must be confirmed at the time of booking.

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