Is there snorkeling in Costa del Sol?

Our most recommended Costa del Sol Snorkeling. Sail out to sea on a relaxing catamaran cruise and take in the views of Malaga's dynamic coastline, while the sun slowly disappears behind the mountains. Listen to chill-out music with a glass of traditional Spanish Cava wine in hand.

What is the Costa del Sol known for?

beachesWhat is Costa del Sol Most Famous For? It won't surprise too many people to hear that the Costa del Sol is famous for its beaches. The towns along Spain's 'Sunshine Coast' each have several beautiful stretches of sand, though that is often their only similarity. Each has a unique atmosphere and style.

Is Costa del Sol good for snorkeling?

Is it worth going to Costa del Sol?

Is Costa del sol worth visiting? Absolutely, the Costa del Sol is worth visiting for its scenic beaches, historic towns, and pleasant climate.

What sea is at Costa del Sol?

the Mediterranean SeaWashed by the Mediterranean Sea, the Costa del Sol extends along more than 150 kilometres of coastline in the province of Malaga, in the southern Iberian Peninsula.

Is the sea warm in the Costa del Sol?

Today's Costa del Sol sea temperature is 86 °F.

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