Do Americans travel as much as Europeans?

No, it is not true that Americans don't travel as much as Europeans. In fact, according to the U.S. Department of Commerce's National Travel and Tourism Office, in 2018 American citizens made more than 75 million international trips!

Which European country has most American tourists?

These 3 European Countries Are The Most Popular With American Travelers Right Now

  1. United Kingdom. The United Kingdom remains the number one destination in Europe for international travel, with more than 3 million Americans visiting so far this year. …
  2. Germany. …
  3. France.

How many Americans go to Europe per year?

Nowadays, over 40% of American citizens have a passport and they take their travel seriously. According to Statista, 13 million Americans traveled to Europe in 2019.

What percentage of Americans travel to Europe?

What is the safest country to visit from the US?


  • Canada.
  • Switzerland.
  • Norway.
  • Ireland.
  • Netherlands.
  • United Kingdom.
  • Portugal.
  • Denmark.

How much vacation does the average American get?

11 daysThe average American worker gets 11 days of paid vacation per year. In the private sector, the average number of paid vacation days after five years of service increases to 15 days. After 10 years of service, it rises again to 17 days.

How many countries has the average American visited?

threeStill, the degree to which Americans have traveled around the globe varies widely: 19% have been to only one foreign country, 12% to two countries, 15% to three or four countries, and 14% to five to nine countries. Only 11% of Americans have been to 10 or more countries.

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