Is there a Zika virus in Tenerife?

According to all usual travel advice sites (travelhealth pro, fitfortravel, CDC) Tenerife is 'green' / low or no risk for zika virus. However 6 months ago a specimen was found in the cruise ports which carries the virus, which can have significant ramifications on anyone pregnant or planning for a family.

What islands are safe from Zika?

Accordingly, some of our favorite Caribbean destinations (including the Bahamas, St. Barth's, the Cayman Islands, Guadeloupe, Martinique and Grenada), as well as Brazil—which was the epicenter of the 2016 virus—have been declared Zika-free by the CDC.

Is there zika virus in Tenerife?

Are the Canary Islands Zika free?

The mosquito species that transmits most tropical diseases (including Zika virus) doesn't live in the Canary Islands there have never been any cases of Canarians or tourists catching a mosquito-borne disease in the Canary Islands from the native mozzies.

Are mosquitos a problem in Tenerife?

In fact, the Canary Islands have a relatively low presence of mosquitoes compared to many other popular tourist destinations around the world. There are some mosquito species in the Canary Islands, but they are not as abundant or as dangerous as in some other parts of the world.

Are mosquitos bad in Tenerife?

The risk for mosquito activity is low.

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