Has it ever snowed in Mauritius?

Since we are located in the subtropics, the lowest temperatures in Mauritius can reach 15⁰C on the central plateau during the harshest nights. So they are not low enough to form snow. High altitudes also encourage snow formation.

Which part of Mauritius is warmest?

The weather is warmer and more humid on the west coast, it is also relatively wind free, except during winter or cyclonic conditions. Even then, the winds are not strong, unlike the east coast. Sea temperatures are also a degree or two higher than the east coast.

Which month is coldest in Mauritius?

Why is it so cold in Mauritius?

Mauritius weather averages and climateThe island's varied terrain offers many different microclimates and the southeasterly trade winds will make it feel cooler on the east and south coast through the winter months.

Does it get cold in Mauritius at night?

Mauritius weather averages and climateTemperatures rarely fall below 17 °C, or exceed 31 °C, making Mauritius a tempting choice if you enjoy sunshine but don't want extremes of heat.

What is the coldest city in Mauritius?

Quartier Militaire is known for its cold temperature in Mauritius. The coolest temperature ever recorded in Quartier-Militaire was 5 degrees Celsius and also the cloudiest. To the east lies Camp De Masque, where the climate is hotter and also Medine, which has a much milder climate.

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