How much cash can you fly with in Spain?

€10,000How much cash can you bring into Spain? What are the limits? You can bring up to €10,000 – or the equivalent in another currency – into Spain, without needing to take any specific action. Carry in excess of that, and you have to complete a declaration when you arrive – more on that later.

How much cash can I take to Spain per person?

10,000 eurosUP to 10,000 euros without declaring.Whether you are travelling with euros or with the currency of another country, the limit is 10,000 euros or equivalent. Above this amount, you will have to submit a declaration to the customs services. Spain also sets a limit for the entry of undeclared capital.

How much euros do I need for a week in Tenerife?

I'd suggest between €100-€150 per day (between the 2 of you). That will easily give you a good meal out each night plus will cover regular taxis and entrance fees for various day trips. You tend to buy various bits of tat while you're out and about also.

How much cash can I take to Tenerife?

Does Tenerife take cash?

Paying with Credit/Debit Cards or Google/Apple PayHowever there are still a few exceptions where visitors to Tenerife will need to pay using cash: Some Small Bars and Restaurants There are still quite a few bars in the touristy areas of Tenerife that only accept cash, though this is usually made clear to customers.

What is the maximum cash withdrawal in Spain?

Cash withdrawal: limits and amountsYour cash withdrawal limit varies from bank to bank. Most ATM withdrawal limits are between €200–€300 a day. Always be aware of your bank's withdrawal limit, especially if the money you need exceeds that amount.

Is it better to withdraw cash or pay on card abroad?

Advantages of an overseas cardThe main advantage of using a debit or credit card overseas is that you won't pay foreign transaction fees every time you spend. While many also won't charge fees for cash withdrawals, you will still usually be charged interest from the date of the transaction if you use a credit card.

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