Where is the best place to live in Hawaii without a car?

Downtown Honolulu, Ala Moana, Diamond Head, and Waikiki are all excellent examples. The bus routes in these areas stop at nearly every single block, and almost all properties will be directly on the bus line. You'll find that you can get anywhere on the island from a property in these areas.

Can you visit Kauai without a car?

You can get around Kauai without a car, as there are bus services on the island and taxis are also available. However, public transport isn't particularly frequent and is quite limited in the areas that you can visit, so if you're looking for total freedom when getting around Kauai then a rental car is recommended.

Which Hawaiian island is best without a car?

How many days do you need to enjoy Hawaii?

If you are looking to hike, snorkel, or camp, we recommend taking even 14 days for your vacation. If you are just looking to enjoy the hotel or resort you are staying in and plan on being around the pool most days, 10 days is probably sufficient.

How many days do you need for Kauai?

5-7 daysWith so much to see and do on Kauai, we recommend planning for at least 5-7 days on the island. This will give you enough time to explore the top attractions, such as Waimea Canyon, the Na Pali Coast, and Wailua Falls.

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