What is the difference between Renfe and Avlo?

What is Avlo? Avlo is Renfe's high-speed train, transporting passengers at 300 km/h with all the comforts, and at the best price; from 7 euros, with a fixed price of 5 euros for children aged under 14 and discounts for large families.

What is an Avlo train in Spain?

Avlo (Spanish pronunciation: ['aβlo], short for Alta Velocidad Low Cost literally "No Frills High Speed" ) is the name of the Spanish low-cost high-speed rail service, at the start between of the cities of Madrid, Zaragoza and Barcelona, by the national rail company Renfe.

Why is Avlo so cheap?

Avlo is a subsidiary of the Spanish national train service Renfe , Ouigo is owned by a parent company of the French national SNCF, and Iryo is owned by a private company whose owners include Italy's national Trenitalia. They are in competition with each other, and that helps to keep their prices down.

Do Avlo trains have bathrooms?

In addition, Avlo trains are fully accessible, have H seats for passengers travelling with their own wheelchair and toilets adapted for people with reduced mobility.

What type of train is Renfe?

Renfe is Spain's national railway company, running most regional and high-speed AVE trains on the country's extensive railway system. It's easy to visit the biggest Spanish cities on the AVE train, such as Barcelona, Madrid and Seville.

Is Avlo part of Renfe?

What does Renfe AVE stand for?

Alta Velocidad EspañolaAlta Velocidad Española (AVE) is a high-speed rail service operated by Renfe, the Spanish State railway company.

What is the size of luggage on Avlo?

The Basic Fare includes the following luggage in the ticket price, free of charge: 1 piece of hand luggage (bag, rucksack, etc.) subject to the following size limitations: 36x27x25 cm, no weight limit. 1 suitcase, subject to the following size limitations: 55x35x25 cm, no weight limit.

Is it cheaper to buy Renfe tickets in advance?

Remember that you will get the best deal if you buy your ticket in advance. The Prémium Ticket option is not available for AVE International high-speed trains between Spain and France, but you can choose one of the other options (Básico, Elige Estándar and Elige Confort).

Who owns Renfe?

Most passenger trains are managed by Renfe, Spain's state-owned company whose acronym stands for Red Nacional de los Ferrocarriles Españoles. Spain has a network of almost 16,000 km (around 10,000 mi) of railways.

What is the app for booking trains in Spain?

Renfe App. Consult timetables, buy and manage your tickets and passes and much more.

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