Is Mykonos cashless?

You will probably need it if you go to the local bakery or the small grocery store around the corner. Nevertheless, the island has lots of ATMs, while cards are acceptable in the overwhelming majority of places, including restaurants and shops. It is 2020, after all – the year of cashless transactions!

Can I use my debit card in Mykonos?

But there are plenty of ATMs in Mykonos Town so you can easily withdraw cash if/when you need it. No need to carry around large amounts of cash. Yes in Greece now, all businesses are now required by law to accept credit and debit cards,Also if some one not accept that store must to have sign outside of store.

Do you need euros in Mykonos?

Can I drink tap water in Mykonos?

Tap water is not drinkable on the island.

Do you tip in Mykonos?

You have no tipping requirements in hotels, even in the luxurious ones around Mykonos. If you feel inclined to tip the staff, let it be out of respect for their work! Typical tips for porters and cleaners range around 5€, like tips for restaurant waitstaff.

Can you flush toilet paper in Mykonos hotels?

In a majority of places, Greek plumbing consists of dated, narrow pipes which will easily clog if you flush toilet paper or other items down them. Toilet paper should be tossed in the bin next to the toilet. Don't worry though, the bin usually opens with a foot pedal, and shuts tightly so as not to smell.

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