How was Roatan formed?

This Island rests upon the Bonnaca Ridge, The result of an enormous crack which runs along the ocean floor, about 400 miles northeast of the north coast of Honduras. Lava from the earth's mantle wells up through this crack and forms the Caribbean plate, which pushes south to west, buckles and creates the Bonnaca Ridge.

What is the geology of Roatan Honduras?

On Roatán, a varied sequence of gently folded metamorphic rocks of unknown age is overlain by limestone and conglomerate of pre-Tertiary age. Serpentine has been intruded along south-dipping thrust faults. The metamorphic sequence includes pyroxene hornblendite in various stages of uralitization.

Does Roatan have earthquakes?

In the area you have selected (Roatan) earthquake hazard is classified as medium according to the information that is currently available. This means that there is a 10% chance of potentially-damaging earthquake shaking in your project area in the next 50 years.

Is Roatan a volcanic?

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