How do I order a Bolt driver?

How to order a Bolt ride?

  1. Open the app;
  2. Add your ride destination;
  3. Select your preferred ride-type;
  4. Confirm your request.

What are the main differences between Uber and Lyft?

What Sets Uber and Lyft Apart From Each Other?

Uber Lyft
Widely available. Found in and around major cities.
Dark and simple app design. Bright and colorful app design.
Corporate and professional environment. Casual and friendly atmosphere.
Has a global presence. More focused on North America.

Why can’t Uber find a driver?

Sometimes there is not an available driver around willing to take the fare, often because the trip distance (too far or too short) does not make them money, or takes them too far from the area they want to remain within.

Can you choose a female driver on Uber?

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