Can you swim in the sea in Antibes?

Thankfully the beaches around Antibes are mainly blue, excellent, with only a few areas where the water quality drops, meaning that we can swim in peace, enjoying the calm and clear waters of the Mediterranean.

Plage de la Gravette – Antibes' urban beachPerhaps the most famous of the Antibes' beaches, the Plage de la Gravette is a horseshoe-shaped stretch of sand located just below Antibes medieval.

Are beaches free in Antibes?

Plage de la GaroupeThe chic beaches and restaurants of La Garoupe on Cap d'Antibes are mostly private from Easter through September but there is a small public portion on La Garoupe where you can enjoy the fabulous setting for free.

How warm is the water in Antibes?

Antibes – Fort Carre water temperatures peak in the range 20 to 27°C (68 to 81°F) on around the 14th of August and are at their coldest on about the 1st of March, at 13°C. Antibes – Fort Carre water temperatures are always warm reach their warmest in mid August.

Are there sandy beaches in Nice?

Beckoning in the Mediterranean sunshine, the beaches in and around Nice epitomize the glamor of the French Riviera. Most beaches in Nice are composed of sun-bleached shingle and pebbles, with a couple that offer sand.

Are there sandy beaches in French Riviera?

Unfortunately, the beaches on the French Riviera between Menton and Cannes are mostly pebble or fine gravel. There are, however, some beautiful wide sandy beaches, for example, in Cannes and St. Tropez. It's worth going there if sand is key for you.

Does Antibes have a sandy beach?

Is Antibes France worth visiting?

For those seeking a blend of natural beauty, historical intrigue, and a touch of luxury, Antibes presents an irresistible invitation. The idyllic settings of Cap d'Antibes and the commanding presence of Garoupe Lighthouse underscore why this gem of the Riviera is truly worth a visit.

What is the beach like in Antibes?

The sandy beachesLeaving Old Antibes towards Cap d'Antibes are two long sandy beaches, Ponteil and Salis, which are perfect for young children because the water is shallow.

Is tap water OK in Antibes?

Tap water:Very safeTap water in Antibes, is generally considered very safe to drink. It meets high sanitary standards and is subject to strenuous quality controls. Furthermore, France as a whole has a good reputation for water infrastructure and management.

Which is nicer Antibes or Cannes?

I recommend staying in Antibes, which is authentic, has a charming food market and a beautiful historic old centre, and the excellent Picasso museum. And sandy beaches. As it is a little smaller than Cannes or Nice, it is easy to find your way around on foot and has more authentic feel.

Are there sandy beaches in south of France?

Les Issambres is a popular destination for South of France beach holidays. Situated on the beautiful coastline of the Bay of St. Tropez, between the Mediterranean sea and the wooded hills of the Massif des Maures, Les Issambres provides 8 km of inlets and fine sandy beaches.

What is the closest sand beach to Nice France?

Villefranche-sur-Mer has something no other beach in Nice can lay claim to – sand! Bring along your bucket and spade, and delight in finally being able to build sandcastles. The sheltered bay means the water is warm and shallow, popular with swimmers and snorkelers.

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