Can you get married at the Sagrada Familia?

Marrying in the Sagrada Familia ChurchOn July 2017 they started celebrating weekly masses every Sunday morning before opening it to visitors, but even then, private ceremonies must take place in the crypt – a much smaller and less spectacular chapel as big as a real-size church, right underneath the altar.

Where can I elope in Barcelona?

Most couples decide to organize their elopement ceremony in Horta Labyrinth. Still, we can offer other unique locations for an extra fee if you want a more private experience or if you have guests, such as Torre Bellesguard or Hotel Colon's Terrace.

How much does the Sagrada Familia cost?

Entrance Ticket with Audioguide to the Sagrada FamiliaThis will provide you with detailed information about the history, design, and highlights of the Sagrada Familia as you explore. Costs for adults in 2023 are around 33 euros, and for children, it's approximately 18 euros.

Can I get married at La Sagrada Familia?

Can a non resident get married in Spain?

Two foreign persons can get married in Spain regardless of their legal status. Two foreign persons can also get married with someone of the same sex, even if the legislation of their country of origin does not allow it. In fact, a foreigner who does not have a residence permit can marry a Spanish person.

Can US citizens elope in Spain?

You can NOT legally elope in Spain unless you or your partner has been a legal resident in Spain for at least two years. That being said, this is your life. If you want to make it easy peasy, get legally married in your own state in the US and then have a little ceremony in Spain!

How much does it cost to get married in Spain?

According to Statistica, the average cost of a Spanish wedding in 2022 was €22,000, though the price range can differ dramatically depending on the scale of the event, the chosen venue etc. Depending on whether you're aiming for a budget or luxury wedding, prices can range anywhere from €12,000 to €32,000.

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