What does the Acropolis ticket include?

Our Acropolis Combo ticket includes a skip-the-line entrance to Athens's 7 most famous archeological sites. Some sites included in the ticket are the Acropolis of Athens, Ancient Agora, Roman Agora, and the Parthenon temple.

What is included in the Acropolis tour?

The Acropolis guided tour covers all the major points of interest inside the Acropolis including the Propylaea, the Parthenon, the Erechtheion, Temple of Zeus, Temple of Athena Nike, Theatre of Dionysus, and more. You also get a chance to marvel at the artworks on display at the Acropolis Museum.

What does the Acropolis include?

The ancient city of the Acropolis includes the Parthenon, the Erechtheion, the Temple of Athena Nike and the Propylea. On the northwest of the Acropolis stands the Areopagus (the Rock of Ares), which served as the high court of appeal for criminal and civil cases, during classical times.

What’s included with Acropolis ticket?

Is the Acropolis Museum included in the Acropolis ticket?

Can I book a combined ticket for my visit to the Acropolis Museum and the Acropolis site? The Museum's ticket is independent from the ticket to the Acropolis and other associated archaeological sites. You can acquire general admission tickets either from the Museum's Ticket Desk or via the e-ticketing service.

Does Acropolis ticket include audio guide?

Experience the Acropolis of Athens like a local with a pre-booked entry ticket and 2 smartphone audio guides. Dive into the history of this site with narrated audio routes leading the way.

Are skip-the-line Acropolis tickets worth it?

Is booking Acropolis skip-the-line tickets worth it? Yes, the Acropolis skip-the-line tickets not only allows you to skip ahead of long lines, but also allows you to see the Parthenon and comes with an audio guide, available in over 5 languages. You can also upgrade it to visit the Acropolis Museum.

Is Temple of Zeus worth it?

After visiting the Acropolis, this site may seem a bit underwhelming. But it is definitely worth a visit, especially if you read about its history. This site is included in the combined ticket that allows entry to 7 sites.

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