Can I transfer a Railcard to another person?

I bought a Railcard for someone elseThe Digital Railcard photo must be that of the persons who are going to use it for travel. The Railcard will only show in the app if logged in with the same email address as purchased. To move the Railcard to a different email address entirely then please contact us.

How do I transfer my Railcard?

If your Railcard is already associated to two devices, please log in to your account and you will find an option to Manage your devices for any active Railcards you own. Simply select the device you want to remove. Once you have done this you will be able to add your Railcard to a new device.

Can someone else use your Railcard?

Do you need to show your Railcard?

Yes. You must show your valid Network Railcard (digital or plastic) when you buy your ticket and travel on the train. Failure to present a valid Railcard will mean you have to pay a full fare or you may on certain services be liable for a Penalty Fare.

Can I buy my friend a train ticket with my Railcard?

Yes. As long as either you (as the main Railcard holder) or the second named Railcard holder is travelling with a child, up to a total of four adults and four children travelling together can get discounts.

Can I use someone else’s Railcard UK?

All passengers taking advantage of the Network Railcard discount must travel with the Railcard holder throughout the entire journey.

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