How much time off do flight attendants get?

New flight attendants typically work a reserve schedule and must be close to the airport, or sometimes wait at the airport for a call to duty. Senior flight attendants enjoy more flexibility in their schedule and choice of destinations. Both roles enjoy the same travel benefits with about 12 days off per month.

Can I live anywhere as a flight attendant?

You do not need to live on base. Flight Attendants can live anywhere in the world, provided they can get to base for the start of their shift. CommuteAir pays for parking. Commuting By Plane: You can commute by plane for free on United, however, you will fly STANDBY.

Where is the best place to live as a flight attendant?

Best-Paying Cities for Flight AttendantsThe metropolitan areas that pay the highest salary in the flight attendant profession are Kansas City, Tampa, Orlando, Boston, and Portland.

How much time do you spend away from home as a flight attendant?

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