Why is Hawaii’s traffic so bad?

Outside of the main highways connecting to Honolulu, the vast majority of roads are single lane in each direction with almost no passing lanes. The roads are often winding to accommodate the landscape. This leaves few areas to pass slower cars and buses. Vehicular speed rarely gets above 35 mph.

Is there rush hour in Kauai?

Spend More Time on Kauai Beaches and Less Time in Your CarAvoid rush hour traffic weekdays in Kapaa, Lihue and the South Shore between 7am-8am and 3:00pm-5:00pm.

Why is traffic so bad in Kauai?

What Hawaiian island has the worst traffic?

OahuKahului is located on the island of Maui while the Kailua – Kaneohe area is also located on Oahu, making Oahu the worst island to drive on Hawaii because Honolulu is located on the other side of that same island.

Why are rental cars in Kauai so expensive?

Low Supply of Vehicles Due to Sell-OffHawaiʻi's remote location makes the problem even more challenging here. This sell-off is one reason why rental cars from Hertz, Enterprise, and other big companies are so expensive in Hawaiʻi and throughout the US right now.

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