Is Mykonos suitable for older people?

Mykonos is an all-ages island and attracts plenty of people your age — but is generally too expensive for younger people to afford since Mykonos is geared more toward the affluent traveller than the budget visitor.

Is Mykonos kid friendly?

Is Mykonos Suitable for Families? Yes, Kids Are More Than Welcome on This Island. Many people get the idea that Mykonos, Greece, is a destination reserved only for party people and younger crowds, but that isn't true.

Is Mykonos for partying?

In brief, Mykonos is the queen of nightlife. Often compared to Ibiza, the bars and night clubs located in the Town and its famous beaches host major events and parties that entertain guests until the early morning hours!

Is Mykonos or Santorini better for kids?

And while those with kids tend to holiday on cheaper isles, the beaches of Mykonos are that bit more family-friendly than Santorini's.

What age is Mykonos for?

Is Mykonos safe for girls?

Mykonos is generally a safe destination for solo female travelers. The locals are hospitable and there's a lively expatriate community that can help you feel at ease. Most cases of crime involve petty thefts like pickpocketing, especially in crowded tourist areas.

What part of Greece is child friendly?

Kos is one of Greece's most family-friendly islands. It has adapted to being popular with tourists and offers a real taste of local culture to its visitors. Among all the fascinating history of Kos, the Asklepion certainly stands out.

Mykonos was successful at attracting famous and wealthy young entrepreneurs because the island felt like it had no rules. Tourists wanted to go to paradise, to have a break from their work-dominated routines, and to take advantage of the hippy and bohemian lifestyle.

What should I be careful about in Mykonos?

Here are some tips you should apply when vacationing here: Don't carry large amounts of money with you. Having credit cards is better since they are less likely to get stolen. Avoid wearing expensive jewelry and flashy watches, especially leaving them unattended in some beach bars.

What is the nicest Greek island for families?

The 5 Best Greek Islands for Families

  • Enjoy family-fun in Crete.
  • Mix history and thrills in Corfu.
  • Play on the gorgeous beaches of Halkidiki.
  • Explore the verdant island of Zakynthos.
  • Spend some quality time in Mykonos.
  • Expert tips for your Greek Island Holiday.
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