What is the main square of Granada?

Plaza Nueva in Granada – the Main Old City Square with Historic Buildings. Despite its name Plaza Nueva (New Square), it is the oldest square in Granada and lies between the modern centre and the Carrera del Darro.

Is albaicin safe at night?

In my opinion, it's very safe. At 9 or 10 pm, there are lots of people walking around — many will just be heading out cor dinner. I would suggest that you carry a small light ( just to make sure you don't trip on uneven paving or stairs.)

Can you stay in the Alhambra in Granada?

Located inside the Alhambra – which is one of the world's great architectural wonders – is the stately, yet charming Parador Granada. Put simply, a stay in this hotel is a magical experience!

Which area in Granada is the best to stay?

Is it safe to walk around Granada at night?

Granada, is generally considered safe, even at night. While certain areas can be more lively in terms of night activities, crime rates are quite low compared to other cities.

Is Granada and Alhambra the same?

Rising above the modern lower town, the Alhambra and the Albayzín form the medieval part of the City of Granada, which preserves remains of the ancient Arabic quarter.

Is Granada safe for American tourists?

It is absolutely safe. Act as you would when traveling to new places within your own country and you should have nothing to worry about. I just returned from a trip with my husband yesterday and we had a phenomenal time! By far, our greatest trip to date.

Is Albaicín worth a visit?

It is noted for its historic monuments and 13th to 15th century medieval street plan, which considering the multiple centuries passed, hasn't changed too much. In 1994, it became a World Heritage Site, an extension of the historic site of the nearby Alhambra. A fascinating historic site.

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