Do you have to wear a hijab in Egypt?

Some, but not all, Egyptian women wear headscarves or hijabs to cover their hair. It's a personal choice and not something that's legally required. Tourists aren't required to or expected to cover their heads.

Is there a punishment for not wearing hijab?

The experts recalled that under the current version of Iran's Islamic Penal Code, any act deemed “offensive” to public decency is punishable by 10 days to two months in prison or 74 lashes. Women seen in public without a veil could be sentenced to between 10 days and two months in prison or a fine.

Is it OK to not wear hijab?

No person, no government should ever dictate what another person wears or how they practice their religion. Hijab is an obligation in our religion, something that is mandatory for both men and women to wear, but no one can force another to wear it because there is no compulsion in this religion.

What happens if you don’t wear a hijab in Egypt?

What happens if you take off hijab?

She adds: "There is no specific punishment for women who don't wear the hijab. It says in the Quran that God will deal with them, but Muslim men from my country decided to deal with me, instead of God."

Which country banned hijab recently?

The Kazakh government has banned hijab headscarves for students and teachers at schools. Officials stress the need to preserve secularism, meanwhile some girls are dropping out of school in protest.

What happens if I take my hijab off?

If you were to remove your hijab, you would not necessarily be hated by Allah Most High, but you would be incurring a daily sin, that would require repentance. Also, removing the hijab usually results in additional sins.

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