What is the weather like in Morocco in December and January?

Nevertheless, the lowest temperatures still average 18 °C and November still sees temperatures around 22 °C. November, December and January will see an average of 7 hours of sunshine throughout the day and if you're visiting in January, expect up to 31 mm of rainfall.

Is it good to visit Morocco in January?

Morocco's winter is mild. But January is the coldest month of the year—and also the wettest. Generally speaking, temperatures peak in the high 60s, with lows in the 40s, though it can get much colder in the Atlas Mountains and much warmer in the desert.

Is December and January a good time to visit Morocco?

Is December a good month for Morocco?

There's a bit more rain in the winter than there is in the summer, but the temperatures are quite mild overall. And with so much less tourist traffic to contend with, December is a great time to visit some of the busier areas, like Marrakech.

What are the best months to visit Morocco?

The best time to visit Morocco is in autumn and spring. However, as the country has a diverse geographical landscape, each season has its beauty. In April, May, and September to November, the weather is pleasantly warm across the high grounds of the Atlas Mountains.

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