Where does Mykonos get its water from?

Currently, Mykonos quenches its thirst only from desalination units that collectively have a nominal capacity of 10,000 cubic meters per day. This includes 4,000 cubic meters from units located at the old Slaughterhouses and 6,000 cubic meters from the units installed in the Korfos area.

Why is tap water not drinkable in Mykonos?

There might be bacteria and chlorine byproducts that ruin its purity. It doesn't matter in what area of the island you stay – the water is the same on the entire destination. Also, the water's Ph level is a bit higher than most tourists are used to, so it might cause stomach issues if you drink it.

Do you need water shoes for beaches in Greece?

Most of Santorini's beaches are composed of dark volcanic sand that gets searingly hot in the mid-day sun. Beach sandals or water shoes are recommended for getting around on the sand. But what the beaches lack in typical sandy splendor they make up for with breathtaking views and scenery.

Can you brush your teeth with tap water in Mykonos?

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