Is Marbella still open in November?

As for the OP question, no, Marbella doesn't shut down at all during winter time. The beach clubs do indeed close for the low season (there is no point to them when it is colder weather) but the rest is pretty much the same as in summer time. Have fun.

How is Marbella in November?

November has a lot more rain than the summer months, accumulating 103mm overall. However, despite the increase in rain, you'll still get to enjoy ten hours of beautiful sunshine each day. The average temperature in November can reach 19°C on a good day and usually comes with a humidity of around 75%.

Is it worth visiting Malaga in November?

Is Spain fun in November?

The coastline between Barcelona and Alicante is also warm and sunny. And Madrid, Spain's exceedingly elegant capital, takes on a rarefied air in November (especially without all the crowds). Seville and Granada, and the Alhambra in particular, are also lovely spots for a fall visit.

What is the weather like in Malaga in November?

Is Malaga Hot In November? Temperatures are on the mild side, with a mean daytime maximum temperature of 20°C and an average overnight minimum of 11°C. Is It Warm Enough To Swim in the Sea in November? The average sea temperature falls to 18°C at this time of the year, which is rather cool for swimming.

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