What do you pay for on MSC Cruises?

Cruisers will pay extra for:

  • Hotel Service Charge (gratuities)
  • Excursions in ports (except beach in Ocean Cay)
  • Beverage packages – MSC has five different types of drink packages to choose from.
  • Dining packages for specialty restaurants.
  • Some specialty shows.

What is included in the MSC free drinks package?

On MSC World Cruises, the Dine & Drinks package is included as standard. With this, you get house wines, draught beer, soft drinks and mineral water during lunch and dinner in the main restaurants and in the buffet.

Can you bring your own soda on MSC Cruises?

Many cruise lines allow you to bring alcohol onboard, such as a bottle of wine; however, MSC does not allow guests to carry-on any adult drinks on the ship. This extends to beverages in general, so soda also needs to stay at home.

Is lemonade free on MSC Cruises?

Does MSC allow you to bring soda on board?

In order to ensure safety and security standards, it is strictly forbidden to bring food and beverage onboard the Vessels. In compliance with this/her regulation and in order to guarantee the above standards, during embarkation a careful check control will be carried out through all passengers luggage.

Can I bring a refillable water bottle on a MSC cruise?

Can you take water on an MSC cruise? MSC Cruises is another of the cruise lines that doesn't allow guests to bring water onboard the ship in any form, unless it is distilled water that's needed for medical purposes.

Does MSC provide toiletries?

Balcony cabins on MSC Cruises shipsThese cabins are bookable in conjunction with MSC's Bella, Fantastica and Aurea experiences. Although balcony cabins offer upgraded amenities, including MSC's brand of hand lotion and toiletries, they are largely the same as inside and ocean-view accommodations.

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