Can brits move to Madeira?

It is a Portuguese island and thus a part of the European Union. As an EU citizen, you can move freely to the island.

Which nationality visits Madeira the most?

Main countries of origin among tourists in Madeira 2022 Overall, almost 470 thousand Portuguese tourists visited the archipelago.

How many Brits live in Madeira?

Why are so many Brits moving to Portugal?

High-quality of life, low costs of living and warm climate all year round. Portugal is considered to be one of the cheapest countries to live in Western Europe, making it massively popular amongst Britons seeking a sunny life abroad.

Can Brits still retire to Portugal?

A question many people ask is “can I live in Portugal after Brexit?” Thankfully, the answer is “yes!” It's not quite as straightforward as it was in the pre-Brexit days of freedom of movement. However, the D7 retirement visa – the same as that required by any non-EU retirees – is relatively easy to obtain.

Where do Brits retire to in Portugal?

You can read more in our article on buying property in Cascais. Hands down,the Algarve is the best place to retire in Portugal and is also the most well-known for retirement, and for a good reason. Its incredible beaches, warm water, and endless sunshine make it an incredible place to live.

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