Can you travel internationally from Stratford?

Stratford International is a National Rail station in Stratford and a separate Docklands Light Railway (DLR) station nearby, located in East Village in London. Despite its name, no international services stop at the station; plans for it to be served by Eurostar trains never came to fruition.

Is Stratford station wheelchair accessible?

Stratford is a large, complex multi-level station with three entrances and 17 platforms. There is level or step-free access to all areas by lift or ramp.

Are there lifts at Stratford International?

Lift (Access to Platforms)The lift is located to the right after the ticket barriers in the main station building. The floors which are accessible by this lift are concourse – platforms. The lift is 30m (32yd 2ft) from the entrances.

Does Stratford International have barriers?

Station buildings do not have doors or ticket barriers and are open 24 hours a day. Train services are not 24 hours. Please see link to TFL website for train operating times at each station.

Where do Stratford International trains go to?

Train times

Time Destination Expected
23:44:00 Margate On time
23:47:00 London St Pancras (Intl) 23:50
23:57:00 Ebbsfleet International On time
00:19:00 Ashford International On time

Is Stratford International accessible?

Is there wheelchair access on trains?

There are a limited number of spaces available to wheelchair users on each train, so we recommend making a reservation if one is available.

Can you get on a train with a mobility scooter?

Weight and MeasurementThe general consensus is that mobility scooters with dimensions of up to 700mm x 1200mm are acceptable for travel. The maximum combined weight of the individual and the chair is 300kg in most cases.

How do you travel if you need a wheelchair?

Tips for Traveling with a Wheelchair

  1. Talk to the Airline and TSA Cares Passenger Support. …
  2. Pack Enough Catheters or Other Daily Medical Supplies You May Use. …
  3. Know Your Rights as a Disabled Traveler. …
  4. Make an emergency repair kit. …
  5. Prepare Your Wheelchair for Your Flight.

Which Tube stations have wheelchair access?

d) 63 stations have level access from street to all platforms: Acton Town, Barking, Bermondsey, Brixton, Caledonian Road, Canada Water, Canary Wharf, Canning Town, Chalfont & Latimer, Chesham, Chorleywood, Dagenham Heathway, Earl's Court, East Ham, Edgware, Elm Park, Epping, Finchley Central, Fulham Broadway, Golders …

Why was Stratford in decline?

Stratford, East London, rose during the Industrial Revolution but fell into decline when the city deindustrialised. For many years, it was one of the most deprived communities in the UK before it was revamped for the 2012 Olympic Games.

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