Which part of Tenerife is warmest in winter?

The south of the island is always warmer and sunnier than the North, with fewer rainy days, especially during the winter months.

Which side is better in Tenerife?

Are you visiting the island in winter and want to escape the cold and get some sun? Then also choose the south as north will be rather gloomy and chilly from December to February. But in case you are visiting Tenerife for an active holiday and with the desire to experience the island from a unique side, choose north.

Which part of Tenerife is warmest?

Can I sunbathe in Tenerife in January?

Tenerife weather in JanuaryDespite some cloudy spells there is usually 6 hours of sunshine per day – and with sea temperatures averaging 20 °C there is no reason you can't enjoy some time on the beach, even in winter.

Is North or South Tenerife hotter?

Mount Teide is a dormant volcano in the middle of the island and divides the two halves. In the north, the climate is wetter and cooler, which means it attracts fewer tourists. The south has more sunshine and warmer temperatures. This southern half is also less windy with fewer clouds, which gives a hotter climate.

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