Which JFK terminal is the biggest?

T4T4 is the largest terminal at New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport and the only privately operated terminal in the United States. Covering nearly two million square feet, T4 is home to 34 airlines, has over 12,000 employees, and serves more than 21 million passengers each year.

What is the smallest JFK terminal?

Pan American's terminal was the smallest of the airline terminals at JFK at 101,680 square feet (9,446 square meters).

What is the newest terminal at JFK?

Expected Completion

  • The new terminal is expected to become fully operational in 2030. …
  • The New Terminal One (NTO) project at JFK Airport is estimated to cost $9.5bn. …
  • The terminal's construction began in 2022, with the first new gates scheduled to go live in 2026.

How old is terminal 1 at JFK?

When it opened in 1998, John F. Kennedy International Airport's Terminal One served fewer than three million passengers a year.

How old is JFK terminal 1?

Terminal 1 opened in 1998, 50 years after the opening of JFK, at the direction of the Terminal One Group, a consortium of four key operating carriers: Air France, Japan Airlines, Korean Air, and Lufthansa.

What is the oldest terminal at JFK?

What will happen to JFK terminal 2?

Opacity. The 60-year-old terminal and its 10 gates close permanently in January. Terminal 2 will be torn down to make way for the New Terminal One projected to open in 2026. A New York City relic is getting a major facelift.

What happened to Terminal 3 and 6 at JFK?

Overview. JFK has five active terminals, containing 130 gates in total. The terminals are numbered 1–8 but skipping terminals 2 (permanently closed in 2023), 3 (demolished in 2013) and 6 (demolished in 2011).

When was Terminal 2 built?

Project BackgroundTerminal 2 at Dublin Airport in January 2008 and the building was officially opened in November 2010.

When was Terminal 4 at JFK built?

JFK's Terminal 4 was constructed on the site of the international arrivals building (IAB), with an investment of $1.4bn in the 1990s. The IAB site was redeveloped and transformed into the 140,000m² Terminal 4. The terminal was officially opened in May 2001.

When was JFK Terminal 3 built?

The airport was also known for its stunning architecture. Pan-American built its Worldport facility at Terminal 3, which opened in 1960. Designed by the firm, Tippets-Abbett-McCarthy-Stratton, the Pan-Am terminal was characterized by its unique roof shaped like a flying saucer.

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