What do women tourists wear in Morocco?

Packing a couple of tunics and long-sleeved shirts is also a good idea for easy layering in more conservative or rural areas. When visiting mosques, female travelers should wear clothing that covers from ankle to elbow, as well as covering decolletage. It's also important to cover your hair with a scarf.

Can women show their legs in Morocco?

Both men and women should cover their shoulders and avoid wearing revealing clothing. For women, it's recommended to wear loose-fitting clothing that covers the arms and legs, and consider bringing a scarf or shawl to cover the head. Men should also avoid wearing shorts and opt for long pants.

Can you wear shorts in Morocco as a woman?

Is Morocco cheap when you’re there?

Accommodation in Morocco is affordable compared to Europe or North America, and the value for money is often much higher. There are plentiful budget accommodation options, from hostels to homestays.

How strict is Morocco for women?

Morocco is still a very conservative country, and many women walk around with their hair covered. It's a good idea to dress in loose-fitting clothes which cover your arms, legs and chest – skimpy tops, shorts and revealing clothing will not be appreciated by the locals.

Is Morocco safe for blonde women?

If you have very light or blonde hair, you may find yourself wanting to cover your head to avoid the attention. Blonde hair is not commonly seen in Morocco and gets a lot of attention. Sometimes people will reach out just to touch it without asking which can be very uncomfortable. So keep that in mind.

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