How many days are needed for each Italian city?

The minimum amount of time takes to see Italy's major cities and destinations

Rome 3-4 days
Venice 2 days
Florence 1-2 days
Amalfi Coast * 1–2 days
Apulia 2–4 days

How difficult is it to drive in Italy?

Italians are known to be aggressive drivers compared to other places. They will quickly switch lanes, drive fast, and there are scooters zooming through all the cars. This can seem chaotic to someone who is not from Italy, but it is their way of driving. It is safe and legal, and Italians expect you to drive like them!

How long is the high-speed train from Rome to Amalfi Coast?

2 hours and 25 minutesTraveling by high-speed train from Rome to Amalfi CoastYou'll arrive at Vietri sul Mare, the gateway to the Amalfi Coast, without having to worry about parking or traffic. On average, the journey time by train from Rome to Vietri sul Mare-Amalfi is 2 hours and 25 minutes.

What is the most efficient way to travel in Italy?

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