Can I visit Hawaii after fire?

Tourists were officially welcomed back to West Maui on Sunday, exactly two months after devastating wildfires displaced thousands of residents, killed 98 people and destroyed hundreds of buildings. Historic Lahaina Town – once the capital of the Hawaiian Kingdom – was, and is still, unrecognizable.

Does Maui want tourists after fire?

In the days following the deadly wildfires, many Hawaiians told tourists to stay away. But a month later, officials are asking people to return responsibly.

Does Hawaii want tourists after fire?

Do Hawaiians want tourists to come?

Hawaii residents' views of tourism hit a record low in the midst of the industry's post-pandemic rebound, with half the residents surveyed saying they don't believe the benefits outweigh the problems it creates.

What does Maui look like after the fire?

After the fire, one of the buildings has been completely burned to the ground, the structures next to it charred and warped and the trees around it burnt and lifeless.

Is Lahaina completely gone?

There is no Lahaina left. There's no Lahaina Harbor, no Mala Wharf. Every restaurant is burned. The Jodo Mission and the homes on Front Street are completely burned to the ground," she said.

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